Get Your Real Estate License in 6 Weeks

The Get Fred School of Real Estate is BC's number 1 and most trusted real estate prep course for the real estate, mortgage broker, strata manager and property management exams. A family owned business in operation since 2006, no other organization has helped more students pass their licensing exam than Get Fred. 

Our instructors are among the best in the industry with years of experience teaching and educating others about real estate. We are proud to be the largest school in the province with the highest success rate of any program. If you are eager to learn and fully equip yourself before stepping into the world of real estate then sign up for our online course today and learn from our industry experts.

Our goal is your goal: PASS THE EXAM - on the FIRST ATTEMPT.

The Get Fred School of Real Estate ("GFSRE") uses the most complete and original materials including:

  • An enhanced student workbook and notes package
  • Chapter by chapter practice questions and quizzes with immediate feedback
  • 1000's of unique, exclusive practice questions in curated mock exams
  • Online tutorials, web logs and study tools.

We promise and pledge to do everything we can to provide you with the tools to succeed; you must pledge to give everything you can. 


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The Get Fred School of Real Estate

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