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Our 100% success rate is not only a tribute to the value of our program, but also to the hard work and dedication of our students. We salute your efforts. Here is what some of our students have to say about GFSRE.

I wanted to tell you how I have felt about taking your class. I have done ALOT of university in the past. I have taken more classes than I can count and I have never enjoyed a class and learned as much as I did in your class. You are a teacher that kept me interested through the entire class and made me laugh harder than I ever have in a class setting. Best of all I felt like I knew all the information inside and out and felt extremely confident going into the exam. Can't thank you enough for starting my new career off on such a great foot."

Jen M
I took the Fastrack Real Estate licensing tutorial program that GFSRE offers. I was able to finish the entire course material and requirements in less than 6 weeks. I did not even need the thousand page textbook because the supplied handouts were excellent. Fred (the instructor) also has a very good method of teaching the math. Fred is extremely professional and I can attest to the program's very good reputation. I started the course at the end of September and passed the exam in November: first attempt - 87% score."

Michael S.
All I can say is "Wow!" I am so happy that I found you. With all of life's distractions, one thing certain was that when I was in class I actually learned what I needed to know. When I found out that you taught the whole course in 6 weeks, I initially thought I wouldn't be able to keep up. But the pace you have set is actually perfect. The math help and short cuts were unbelievable. I can't wait to impress my clients!

Roger C.
 I had been struggling with this course on my own for over 4 months. After your first class I knew I had wasted my time. You had me confident and ready to do the exam in less than 2 months. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner. Thanks, Fred."

Alex M.
Your program helped me achieve my goal of starting a new career in a new country. I was so scared of the licensing course and especially scared of the math. You made the math actually fun! Your insight prepared me for the entrance exam - in fact most of what you said would be on the exam was on the exam. Incredible! I became a licensed Realtor® before my 9 month anniversary in Canada!"

Robin A.
You gave me the confidence to write the exam and the courage and opportunity to ask a million questions - in fact I had you on speed dial. LOL. You stressed the important topics so well that during the exam I could actually hear your voice literally prompting me towards the correct answer. I could not have passed without you!"

Gus B.
The way you explained the math actually made me understand it. After your tutorials and math "cheat sheets" I wish the whole exam was math. Crazy, since I dreaded the math and was almost in tears over the thought of doing it. This program is worth more than the full price just for your math tutorials."

Maria H.
After talking to Fred, I drove from Kamloops to Vancouver (note almost 400kms) to take this course. My challenge exam was booked for 9 days later. With just one week of tutoring, using borrowed books from GFSRE, I was able to pass the exam with a mark of 85%. Thank you, Fred."

Roy P.
I always knew I could handle the actual educational requirements of the licensing course on my own. It was the time and discipline I was concerned with. The smartest decision I ever made (besides marrying my wife) was to enroll in your FASTRACK program...I passed the exam less than 2 months after the course started. This course is for people who know what they want and get it! I continue to recommend you wholeheartedly."

David R.
 I just saw your billboard on West Georgia and Cardero. It looks great! As a mortgage consultant I know how truly right you are - a career in real estate really opens doors. With my busy schedule, I'm glad I invested in your program. Thank you for your knowledge and humour. I tell everyone your partially blind / fully blind joke!"

Angela R.
Thank you for taking extra time to explain the materials I didn't understand the first time over. Most tutoring places would have started billing by the hour. Your service is truly the best there is! You made learning fun and interesting with your stories and jokes. After a long day at work, I looked forward to your enthusiastic approach and upbeat classes."

Gavin B.
Being a business owner, I know time is money. I was able to FASTRACK my career path thanks to GFSRE. Anyone who wants to be working in Real Estate as fast as possible should call TODAY!"

Carmelo M.
Your course was fantastic. Given the exceptional way you teach and inspire it is no surprise that your students have a 100% pass rate. Your personal interest in each student's success is commendable. Anyone contemplating choosing among tutorial programs should not hesitate to choose GFSRE. With your help, study materials and online tools your students have no excuses for anything less than success. I am available to give you a reference at any time."

Babak Z.
After researching other local tutoring programs, I chose GFSRE. I am very glad I did. You gave me the personal attention I required to understand the very tough and demanding curriculum. Fred, you are knowledgeable, professional, supportive and very patient. You gave me the confidence to walk into the exam centre knowing that I would pass. Thank you very much and God bless you. To others, don't waste your time and get frustrated. On your own the licensing course is like a maze, so Get Fred or Get Lost!"

Karim J.
There are many reasons to choose our FASTRACK program. Here are the TOP TEN:

  1. You will finish the requirements in 6 weeks. We recommend that you write the exam within 2 weeks of completion. With the CEC Exam you can be working in less than 10 weeks! (Licensing takes 2-3 weeks from exam pass date). On your own this is virtually impossible!! Stats show most students take 8-12 months to finish - if they ever do finish! By the time you are licensed it's been over one year! That's if you pass the exam!
  2. Remember: If you FAIL the exam you must wait 90 days to re-write. (Running total now 15 -18 months since starting on your own). Are you still as dedicated as you were when you started? Probably not. How much money have you lost in potential commissions had you been working by now? Not to mention having to tell your family & friends that you won't be ready to buy/sell real estate for them for another 4 months.
  3. This course is for people who know what they want - and get it! By actually being licensed so much faster, you should make up the cost of the tutorial on your first commission check...and have an extra 8-12 months of unlimited income potential!
  4. Our program works. Results speak for themselves... 100% pass rate.
  5. All instructors are licensed in their fields. They teach not only "what's in the book," but also provide real-life examples for your benefit.
  6. Real estate is all about location, location, location! In this course, students worry about MATH, MATH, MATH! In our humble opinion, we are the BEST math tutorial providers out there! You will agree.
  7. Our times and dates are flexible. We will accommodate your schedule.
  8. Student/Instructor ratios are controlled to allow necessary individual attention and yet encourage and foster student-group efforts and activities.
  9. We teach you to be successful in the exam. We prepare you to be successful in your career. Remember a job keeps you Just Over Broke.
  10. We provide career placement assistance with various Real Estate Companies, Marketing Companies and Developers ranging from internationally recognized names to local companies from large scale operations to boutique-sized specialty firms.

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