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How long does it take to get licensed, and how can Get Fred help me?

According to data, the average student studying on their own will take at least six-months, studying 10-12 hours a week, to pass their licensing exam.

But, with our FASTRACK prep program we can get you there in less than half that time!

Our program was developed in 2006 by Canadian national mathematics champion and icon in BC's real estate market, the late Fred Nathwani, along with his brother, a Chartered Professional Accountant and College Instructor, Samir Nathwani

With almost 20 years experience in real estate and education, there is no other real estate course better geared to get you ready to pass your licensing exam. 

By our estimates, over 50% of ALL real estate professionals in the province have come through our program, so we know we can help you too!

Here's how:

  • LIVE classes with professional instructors;
  • 7 days a week (local) support for questions;
  • Summarized notes package for each chapter (no reading a textbook!);
  • Chapter by chapter practice questions and quizzes;
  • Over 2000 additional practice questions in our exclusive Gold Standard Mock Exam prep package; and
  • 4 months of support

How much would it cost to register with the Get Fred School of Real Estate?

You can choose between one of our convenient live online Zoom options:

All courses have the option to pay on an interest-free monthly basis

Who can become a licensed real estate professional?

To become a real estate professional you need to:

      • Be 19 years old;
      • Be of good reputation (criminal record check will be required); and
      • Be eligible to work in Canada as either:
        • A Canadian Citizen;
        • A Permanent Resident; or
        • Possess a valid work permit, with no restrictions

What is the process of becoming licensed?

Step 1:

Register for your required licensing program with UBC by using the appropriate link below:

*Make sure you purchase the calculator offered, you will need this specific one.

Step 2:

Choose to register for one of our convenient FASTRACK prep programs, with either online or in-person classes:

 CourseOnline In-Person 
 Real Estate Sales Click Here  Click Here
 Mortgage Broker Click Here  Click Here
 Rental Property Management Click Here  N/A
 Strata Management Click Here  N/A

Step 3:

Register for the English Language Proficiency Requirement* exam, the CELPIP (General), by clicking here.

Note: The CELPIP can be completed after course registration, but must be completed prior to exam eligibility, so do not delay booking a date for your exam.

*The CELPIP is required for anyone who has not:

Graduated from a recognized university Bachelor's degree or higher degree program at an accredited university, college or technical institute at which English is the primary language of instruction.

Step 4:

Begin completing the assignments required for your course. (Don't worry, we'll help you with these)

Your licensing program includes 20 assignments that you must complete before you are eligible to book and write your licensing exam.

You are limited to 2 assignment submissions per week, so you should start these immediately.

What are the minimum costs to become licensed?

Real Estate Sales  Mortgage BrokerStrata or Property Manager 
 UBC Registration $1,150  $1,150  $1,150
 Calculator $84 $84 N/A
 CELPIP - General $280 $280 $280
 UBC Exam $125 $125 $125
 Applied Practice Course $875 N/A N/A
 Licensing Application $2,000 $1,500 $2,000
 Criminal Record Check$25 $25 $25
 Total $4,539 $3,164 $3,580

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